Monday, March 26, 2012

Karma coma, in the supermarket aisle

Ah, the supermarket. It's part of our lives whether we like it or not. Personally supermarket aisles throw me into a kind of panic. It's either that or I fall into a coma looking at the tens of thousands of products and sixty or more aisles of stuff I mainly don't need in my life.

To make it all a little easier I did a radio piece on 2FM explaining how to avoid the supermarket pitfalls like going in to buy a week's worth of healthy produce and leaving with some Bombay mix, a pizza and a bottle of coke (I've been this soldier). I also talk about stuff to add to your trolley that can help your heart - I reckon there's enough advice out there telling people what not to eat and it's easy to throw some things in your trolley that are tasty and are proven to benefit high blood pressure or heart health.

I also suggest we should all be a bit easier on ourselves. Cookery programmes are great but they often give us unrealistic ideas about what we should be preparing every evening. My view is keep it simple with really great stuff like scrambled eggs on toast or a great salad I made the other day with sardines, tomatoes and butter beans, with crusty bread.
The podcast of the programme is below at the fourth link down. I hope it gives out some positive ideas about easy foods to choose and avoid the trap doors of the grocery shop. Happy eating x


  1. It is about keeping it simple Suzanne and not over thinking or overplanning all the feeding times. I think with the kids we find that we stick to cooking 'meals' more than we like to but now that they are getting older we are more inclined on a Sunday evening to offer up a cheese, fruit and smoked fish platter with brown bread instead of 'cooking' and thankfully they dive in and don't complain. Thanks for sharing the link (again). I am almost out of my book cave.

  2. Yes, simplicity is the way to go - that sunday food idea sounds like a winner - think I'll take up your idea! When is the book out, you must be very excited!

  3. I am excited, stressed, anxious, worried, delighted, and a million other feelings thrown in for good measure. I submit the book to NUIG on April 12th, for my final Creative Writing grade, and we are launching it May 31st. I will send you an invite x