Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's Ireland Eating... that's a good question

Last night our documentary which aired last May was repeated on RTE again. It came out of the book Philip and I wrote about food, and discussions we still have about global food systems, food safety, supermarkets, farming and the quality and price of what goes into our gobs. If you missed it the documentary will be on the RTE player and free to view for the next month or so at the link below;

The documentary was made following a television proposal I wrote of Basketcase; What's happening to Irish Food, which was the book Philip Boucher-Hayes and myself co-authored back in 2009 (Philip is an RTE journalist and also my husband). On the left is a picture of us working happily together for the publicity of the book. Just remember I said the word Publicity, although in actual fact we work pretty well together... we'd want to - after one book, one documentary and countless other projects including two children it's simply the way it has to be. Although Philip was rubbish at finishing his section of the book on time - procrastinating brilliantly by putting up Christmas decorations that took two months to complete. At one point we were going to write in the dedication "We hope you enjoy this book, and if you find some of it quite not up to scratch you should see our Christmas decorations - they're fabulous".

We are currently preparing "What's Ireland Eating 2", and hope to start filming in 2012, so I'll keep you posted on the programme and give some hints towards what we're covering, all I can say for the moment is.... chicken. Happy eating folks


  1. Poor Philip, however that would of made an original dedication - You're hilarious Suzanne!! Enjoyed watching the show and following the tweets again last night. I'm certainly looking forward to the next programme.

  2. Glad there is a second book on the burner and look forward to reading it. Working 'with' a partner is always a challenge, and many couples find it impossible so well done to you both on that one, again and again and again. It is only fair to dog him regarding the procrastination. I have the same problem myself when it comes to re-writing recipes from 'American' into 'Irish'.....

  3. I've pressed Basketcase onto many a cottage visitor. Looking forward to book #2!