Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please collect my recycling Superquinn

So you do the right thing and buy a Bord Bia approved Irish grown broccoli in an Irish owned supermarket - Superquinn. Douze points. But what the hell - it's shrink wrapped in plastic. Can someone tell the supermarkets to ditch the shed loads of packaging? As for Tesco and M&S - there are villages across the globe that could be re-built with the packaging on a single M&S ready meal. One supermarket shop in our house (rare but hey, they do happen) fills our recylcing bins to the top. I actually spend more time taking packaging from groceries and sorting it out into it's various homes than putting away the groceries. Funnily enough, I am still waiting for a supermarket to call by and collect our Wheelie bins on a Monday.

More on this in Saturday's Indo where I might just go completely mad and name everything about supermarkets that's against the interests of consumers. Let alone farmers.

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  1. Completely agree about shrink wrap Suzanne, why do supermarkets on one hand embrace the green campaign and on the other choke the planet with plastic. Why do we need everything wrapped in plastic? We can as consumers leave all that wrapping behind in the supermarket but thats not solving it either.
    At least timber boards are back in the food service industry and those horrid plastic gloves are gone.