Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Placenta Smoothie. Yes, you read that correctly

I was facinated by this television piece produced by a friend of mine Richard Stearn for TV3. Yes eating placentas is in vogue and US celebs are leading the way on the placenta smoothie trend. But isn't this simply the same as cutting off your own thumb and putting it in a smoothie?

We all know the arguments - placentas are enriched with nutrients valuable to an iron depleted mother who has just given birth. But couldn't a mother just eat a burger instead? The "but animals in the wild eat their placentas" line doesn't hold water either. They do so to avoid the strong smell of blood attracting predators in the crucial period when their young are barely on their feet and able to flee.

But what I love most about this video is the "placenta expert" washing the placenta under the tap then putting bottled water into the food processor. As we know, washing chickens etc is not advised as it spreads germs further around your kitchen which are not then happily cremated in the oven. Does the FSAI have a view on placenta eating?

Personally I never gave my two placentas a second thought. Seared on sourdough toast with creme fraiche? Anyone?

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